High Dynamic Range Canvas for HDR Photography? Yup, I offer that!

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We also do panoramics. The actual size of my original pano was closer to 30x144, which I could have printed, but didn't have the wall space. 🙂

Months ago I’d written about Breathing Color’s new Lyve Canvas.  A higher dynamic range then their Chromata Canvas?  Yes, I tested it then, and I use it now.  Does it add additional pop to my personal HDR photography?  Yes again.

After writing about Lyve and using it I realized that I’ve totally dropped the ball on some information for readers.  See, I think folks forget, my primary business is print reproduction work for other artists.  Giclee’ reproduction has become one of my specialties.  Another specialty of mine is HDR photography.  So, you know what that implies for other photographers?

HDR Reproduction from an HDR Photographer!

An HDR photographer that specializes in HDR reproduction on canvas.  Think that makes a difference in you final prints?  You bet it does.

This morning I read another blog that I follow regularly, and the writer announced he’d just received his first print from APC, Artistic Photo Canvas.  They’re an outfit that I’ve mentioned before after seeing a plug on Scott Kelby’s website.  Last time I’d read about them I pondered how to become better at online advertising for my print reproduction work.  Still working on that part, but I wanted to let readers know, my services are available to you.  Not just confined to Arizona, I print for folks all over the country.

So, what exactly do I offer?  Canvases rolled (you wrap later), framer’s wraps (to be framed afterward) and gallery wraps (1.5″ bars).  I also offer glossy photo papers, photo rags, 100% cotton matte, and much more for photographers.  Everything I use is archival quality, and there are no optical brighteners being used in the material.  If you want to print it large format, then I can do it.  The largest canvas photo I’ve done to date?  36×54″.  The largest gallery wrap created in house so far?  39×72″, one of Ian’s paintings reproduced from a 12×22″ original, and there was no loss in quality on the upsampling.  The wrap amazed everyone that saw it, especially the client.  Can I reproduce even larger panoramics?  Yes.

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Image wrapped canvas with a mirrored edge, rather than taking away from the image.

My normal production process is extremely straightforward on canvases.  Once I have the digital image in hand it’s resized and setup for canvas.  Customers have the option of colored bordering around the bars, or the image can be wrapped around.  In some cases due to interesting details along the edges the better choice is to mirror the edges around the bars or use a colored border, but that decision is left to the customer.  There’s no charge for the upsampling or setup of the print.  If additional Photoshop work needs to be done on the images that takes more than 15 minutes I do charge for that, but I advise folks up front before getting under way.  The print is created same day, veneered at the end of the day, and wrapped the following day ready to go.  So, 24 hour turn around time on most items that come in during normal business hours.  Worst case scenario?  48 hours, no more than that.

Added another amazing photographer, how about you?

Normally on Friday’s Ian has the gallery.  But today I’ll be in to meet with several clients and finish off a few prints that were dropped off at closing yesterday.  Allison Smith will be in early to review 5 new canvas proofs (also a service I offer prior to running a new print), and right after she heads out I’ll begin running her new canvases.  After Allison?

Rob Jamason, the photographer I wrote about recently, will be stopping in with a DVD of his images.  Truly some amazing stuff, and he’s got quite an interesting technique that really stretches the range of standard portrait work.  After running several proofs for him a few months ago it was an easy decision to use our services for all his reproduction work.  Thanks for the compliment Robert!

Today we’ll be selecting several of Rob’s images for canvas.  He wanted to review the work with me as he prepares for his first gallery exposure in Sedona.  It’s going to be tough to narrow down his collection to only a few that really represent his overall work, but we’ll work through that together today.  And just so you know, if you like Rob’s work let me know and we can arrange to get you his prints or canvases.  Be sure to check out his work, it’s extremely cool.

authentic (1 of 1)Contact me for more information on print services

So, if you’re considering reproduction of your own works, keep me in mind.  Remember, I’m a smaller business looking to grow in a competitive marketplace in a soft economy.  All that spells one thing in my mind.  I’m looking to add clients and retain them.  That means I’ll do a lot to make sure you’re totally satisfied with the work you receive from me.  I know, I’m not as big as MPix or APC, and they do good work.  But I’d like to get as large as they are, and there’s one right way to do that.  Consistent results, competitive pricing, expertise in the subject matter, attention to detail (remember, I’m a former engineer), and an interest in seeing my customers do well with the work they’re presented.

Feel free to call me any time to discuss your printing needs, especially if you’re an HDR photographer looking to do canvas.  I think you’ll be more than pleased with the results.  My new gallery line is:


Also, feel free to contact me via e-mail as well.

Want the complete Canvas price list?  Just click here for a PDF of current canvas pricing.

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