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A matter of perspective

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Before you ask, I'll answer. I tapped this shot with Topaz Adjust. Toyed with the detail levels, but stayed away from messing with the colors.

Waiting between prints I’ve been re-sorting stuff from the Coyote Buttes trip.  Ah yes, back again with stuff from that adventure.  Hey, it was a good one.

As I looked through images it struck me that often folks probably don’t understand how large the formations are.  All about perspective, and without a reference point you might not get it.  Sure, pretty rock formations, but what are we comparing it to?

Well, I thought I’d provide a shot of Tom as he got ready to setup a photo of the quasi wave formation.

Yeah, I said quasi.  I was an economist you know.  Grad school has a way of warping your mind to a point where you enjoy using the word quasi.  What’s really fun is when you combine words.  Quasi-convex with respect to the point of origin.  Oh yeah, with respect to, or better known in notes as WRT.  🙂  Sorry, I digress.

As you can now see from this snap shot of Tom, the formations are large, the dunes are large, and we were but tiny ants trudging around in deep sand.  By the way, the ants seem to maneuver in the sand much better than we did.  😉

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