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I’m actally shooting for wide format print!

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It struck me recently, there’s something I’ve been doing with my photography that I hadn’t noticed before.  I’m actually shooting with my printing in mind.  I didn’t realize it until I started clearing out my 2009 Lightroom Library (I’m making yearly libraries of everything that gets shot for the year).

Honestly, it’s a pretty surprising revelation.  As I sorted, flagged, rejected, prioritized, etc, I saw the trend and pattern.  This year’s library, with the exception of the fire dancers, has a pattern in it.  A pattern that spurred me to look at the 08 and 07 libraries.  Definite differences!  I’m working myself into a corner, and I didn’t even know it!

Since I print my own work for the gallery, and work for other artists in the area, my options for “large” pieces are fairly unlimited!  I can go BIG.  And it seems that knowledge has filtered into my shooting style.  Wider & larger, that’s what I seem to be shooting a lot this year.  Things that will translate better to larger format.  Whoops, one of those subconcious things I suppose.

Now that I’ve noticed the trend I’ll think more before I take a shot.  Why?  Well, everything doesn’t have to be large format.  I think I should be shooting for a good image, no matter what the reproduction medium is.  Not everyone “needs” a big print.

So, in the next few weeks watch for some changes in images.  I’ll be watching as well!  🙂

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