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Bleep…..I wish I’d taken that!

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Bert Gildart checks his Nikon after shooting inside a cave in Arizona

Yeah, I used “Bleep” in the headline.  Seriously, do you want me to loose my G Rating on the blog?

The title should be, “Damn, I wish I’d taken that!”  That’s what I say often when I see a photo that blows me away.  And fortunately, I get to say that often.  See, I know some great photographers, and they make me say that all the time.

Oh, are you thinking of all those famous photographers out there on the web?  Ben Wilmore, Trey Ratcliff, Scott Kelby, Zack Arias, Joe McNally, Jeff Revell…..and the rest of the web crowd you know I follow (well, you know it if you’re a regular reader)?  That’s not who I’m talking about at all.

Sure, the folks I follow on the web are an inspiration.  They teach me how to take better photos.  They teach me how to run Photoshop, Photomatix, Flash CS4, Dreamweaver, and several other dozen applications.  And most of them are pretty amazing photographers.  I know them through their writing, their teaching, and their images.  But I don’t “know” them.

However, I do know some great photographers personally.  People who leave me saying, “Damn, I wish I’d taken that,” often.  I’m glad to know them.  They make me want to be better at my job than I currently am.  Someday I’ll get further along, and maybe they’ll exclaim what I do often when looking at their work.

Go figure, they’re both Nikon users, and I’m the odd man out with my Canon cameras.  🙂  Wouldn’t have it any other way though.

So, who am I talking about?  My friends Bert Gildart and Josh Gosell.  They’re both great at showing you what they want you to see in an image.  That’s impressive stuff!

Currently Bert is “somewhere” in Alaska.  He’s been there for a while now with Janie his wife.  They’ve been all over Alaska writing articles, photographing, and generally being a pair of amazing explorers.  What can I say, I wish I was there!


Bert just being Bert

I met Bert in 2006 while traveling the country.  After getting to Montana summer of 06′ I paid a visit to Bert & Janie in Big Fork.  Talk about an amazing back yard.  You can’t help but take amazing images if you live in a place like that!

Bert’s done a little of everything if you ask me.  Writer, photographer, traveler, Glaicer employee, and more.  A lot on his resume.  A lot of amazing photos to his name.

I wonder sometimes……can I get there some day too?  Thousands of photos on file and a demand that streams in.  More books to my name than I care to count?  A constant stream of interesting articles going out to a readership that looks forward to the next piece, and the next picture?  I sure hope so, that would be a great life and an amazing accomplishment!

With luck, I’ll see Bert and Janie within the next year.  I’ve floated a few ideas by him, and I think they’ve got his attention.  A couple of photo trips I’d like to do, and I think I could stand sharing the trip with both of them.  Actually, I’m sure I could.  I’d probably learn a few more things as well!

In addition to Bert, and my admiration for his photography, there’s also Josh.  The other Nikon guy in my life.  Where Bert has so many accomplishments to his name, so many adventures under his belt, Josh is just starting out.  He hasn’t been all over national magazines yet, but he will be.  He’s not roaming the country with a 28 ft Airstream, he’s right here in the Prescott area, just like me.


I think this is just the right amount of shadow and light for Josh.......

Josh’s photography always gets me.  He’s a professional to be sure.  And today he caused me to have my “Damn, I wish I’d taken that,” moment.  Josh is the guy who got me out to try out all the fire dancing photos I’ve been taking recently.  If you haven’t noticed, I normally don’t photograph people.  I’m also not a late night kind of a guy.  There’s a lot to be said for going to sleep at 9.  I’m a fan!

Well, I’ve gotten past early sleep all the time.  The Tuesday nights have been a lot of fun.  Thanks Josh!  And thanks for showing me the ropes.

I haven’t fully figured out the super low light photography with intermittent light sources (flame) yet.  What I have figured out has been explained by Josh.  I think he digs that kind of stuff.  Low light photography, yeah, he’s pretty much got it down!  Plus that low noise ratio on his D700……ok, there went some jealousy.  🙂

If you haven’t checked out his new website yet (I helped him getting it running, so there’s my value for the week) I suggest you check it out.  It’s already good, so I’m looking forward to seeing GREAT in a few months.

Finally, for all the photographers out there……actually, for everyone out there……I have the following.  Whatever you enjoy, whatever you’re striving to be better at.  I’m sure you have your heroes that are known the world over for whatever it is you’re interested in.  How about those that are right next to you though?  The “greats” are probably closer than you think, and most likely they’re the ones that really push you to excel!  I know my two friends I’ve written about here bring me a great deal of inspiration, and desire to do better.  Thanks guys!  And for everyone else, thank your good friends who help you with your endeavors as well.

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    Ah, you weren’t obligated to respond! 🙂 But it’s all true. Looking forward to seeing the career you build doing what you enjoy. Looking forward to building mine too. 🙂

    What are you doing reading blogs? Go edit, sort, filter, etc…….

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  3. You realize of course Rich, that many of us are looking at YOUR photos and saying “Damn, I wish I’d taken that!”! 🙂

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    Thanks Jason! I appreciate that a lot. Still, I find myself having those “Damn, I wish I’d taken that” moments a lot lately. Has something to do with hanging out with Josh I think! 🙂

    Your comment got approved almost instantly. I was finishing up a post when you dropped a note. Now that the post is up and the comment is approved I’m taking a nap!

  5. Rich, I can see I’ve got much catching up to do, but first, want to thank you for flattery, regardless of whether it is deserved or not. Here in Watson Lake in the Yukon, it’s the first time in a long time, I’ve had decent connectivity. No phone here, though we bought into a Canadian plan, but can still read wonderful and informative blogs, such as yours. Rainy here, so we’re just holed up for the day, but that’s not all bad either. And now back to some more of your writings and photographs, which I very much enjoy following.

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