Images on the blog? Does this mean I’m still a photographer?

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It has been a long while since truly new photos have been posted here.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t been shooting, it means what I’ve been shooting hasn’t been something for the site.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been imaging paintings, reproducing paintings, veneering canvases, doing family photo shoots, and recovering from a whopper of a sinus infection.  Feeling much better now, and I’m even happier since I finally got to do a shoot for me again.

Remember being tethered to the phone when you were waiting for an important call?

For a while now I’ve been wanting to do a shoot over at The Motor Lodge.  Each of the rooms is unique and cool, also extremely retro.  If you’re ever looking to create a 40’s – 50’s feel The Motor Lodge might be your spot.  And recently a model contacted me wanting to do some “pinup” style photography with a truly retro feel.  So we headed off to the Motor Lodge yesterday and did a fun shoot.

An extremely photoshopped sample. Watched Corey Baker's tutorial on using photoshop to create a pinup look.

For the morning I could be found at my studio loading stands, strobes, softboxes, batteries, cases, cameras, and more!  The truck was full of stuff!  And it all got transferred into one of the cool rooms at the Motor Lodge.  Incredibly enough I kept really good track of everything, and when the day wrapped up I’d left nothing behind (that’s special).

Once I had everything unpacked and ready to go I had some time on my hands.  So I spent that time cruising the web and looking at “classic” pinup stylings and the new modern pinup styles.  The genre has changed a bit.  And I was looking to create more of a classic style.

Not "pinup". Just something that I thought would be neat with the mirror and 2 doors.

The model was actually running late, so the waiting game had to be played for a bit.  Fortunately the room was comfortable and you could kick back.  I did some more web surfing, played with lights, played with ideas, and the time passed pretty quickly.  Once the model arrived we were good to go!

A few hours were spent shooting.  The room was nice and warm.  Outside snow was threatening to show up on scene.  Brrrr, the temperatures dropped too!

Not yet processed / edited. Just thought you'd like to have a feel for being outside yesterday. Didn't want to freeze the model

After wrapping up with the female model I was on to the next project……..


For Christmas Ben received a very special shirt.  The shirt spells out the word “Bacon” using elements from the periodic table.  Yes, Ben is as geeky as I and has a science background.  So, the shirt itself spells bacon like this:  Ba Co N

If you’ve forgotten your elements on the periodic table…..well, shame on you.  Go study it right now.

Ben’s got a cool look about him.  Handle bar mustache, fun boots, he always dresses to impress…….  You get the idea.  And there’s a favorite Zack Arias photo out there in the world that made me want to put Ben on a bicycle with his BaCoN shirt on.  So, this is totally inspired by another photographer.  🙂

As a bonus Ben brought a slick hat too!  And incredibly his boots matched the bike we used!

Now before you start asking questions about the BaCoN shirt…..  Why would you ask any questions.  Bacon rocks.  Elements rock.  Smithfield Ham (in Virginia) makes the best slab bacon ever, and if you ever want to send me gifts you can add their bacon to the list of presents, it’s good!  So, stop asking questions about shirts you know nothing about.  Instead enjoy a humorous photo.  😉

Well, there you go.  I do still in fact take pictures.  I’ve been taking a lot of pictures lately but they’re of paintings or clients who do not want to appear on the web (witness relocation, ya know).  Finally I got to do something a little fun for me.  And I’m happy to say we had a good time!

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