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Color matching paintings?  Yeah, I do that.  I do that well.  You can ask my super long list of clients who have me do Giclees every week.  Check with Ian Russell, George & Marcia Molnar, Steve Atkinson, Allison Kantor, Barbara Palmer, Deb Penk, and so many other known painters.  I’m all about matching.  Well, mostly about matching…….

This morning I had a customer come in and ask about matching of a different kind.

“Do you match all internet competitors?”

To which I replied…….

“Absolutely not!”

The customer’s face perked up with the word absolutely, and then slowly dropped as he heard the not part.  He asked about bulk pricing too.  Nah, not really on that front either.

I think my good friend John Randall put it best to me regarding my prices.  “They’re way too low for a small specialty boutique like yours.”  Well, that was the gist, and John, you can correct me on how you put it in a comment here if you like.  See, John has been in the large scale photo and reproduction business for decades.  And when he saw my setup, matches, prints, etc, he immediately told me I’m way too cheap.

Don’t believe me?  Remember the article I referred to several months ago on the photographer who shoots fine art originals.  Yeah, over a thousand per match folks.  Me?  I’m $50 per.  And yes, I’m not in the same league as this guy, but I’m extremely good, meticulous, and all the rest that goes with being a neurotic engineering type!  Frankly I’m thinking about raising prices to match industry standards, cause I’m way under.  Yeah, I know clients would grouse, but seriously you won’t get my quality at my prices anywhere else.  Every time I hand George Molnar a bill he says, “That’s it?  Really?”  See, he’s been charged more in his career for quality that he wasn’t happy with.

So, when you walk in here we can absolutely talk matching.  Color matching.  Don’t ask me to match anything else unless you can get me cheaper rent, cheap insurance, free food, free vacations, or something else super cool.  You know, like a decked out Jeep for off roading……..

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  1. Yup!! That’s what I said and I still stand by it. You have too much invested to give it away. And trust me, there is always “someone cheaper”!! I always say we are not the cheapest, but we are competitive for the services we offer.

    P.S. I don’t think you missed that much by not going to Photoshop World. You could probably teach some of their instructors a thing or two.

  2. Post

    Thanks for the confirmation John! I knew you told me I was priced too low, but I think sometimes consumers don’t get it. 🙂

    Thanks for the compliment too. There are several instructors that definitely have my number. I’m sure that when it comes to some things (Lightroom, HDR, Landscape) I might measure up. Maybe someday….. 🙂

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