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In the face of a bad economy…..

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I’m still moving forward.  I know, just plain crazy!

$700 Billion bailout?  Yeah right.  It’s going to be a larger bailout than that.  We’re getting into the trillions gang.  Gold and silver are heading up for good reason, and the financial circles are beyond worried.

With all that in mind I placed my order for my HP Z3100 printer.  Extra ink cartridges, papers, service plan, the works.  Hey, you gotta do it if you’re going to offer wide format print services, right?

I wish I had something to mortgage.  More importantly, I wish I had something to mortgage twice over plus an equity line for good measure!  Instead I’ve gone and done something completely fruity by current economic standards in this economy…..I paid for the printer!  What’s wrong with me?

So, the printer should be in this week.  The new gallery space isn’t done, but Ian is working without rest to get it completed.  Walls have been cut, metal beams installed, bricks moved out, floors acid washed, and more.  He said something about portable walls the other day too.  Fortunately I know very little about construction, so I can blindly believe Ian has it all under control.

Remember, I’m busy watching the economy, buying new print systems, acquiring new Macs, getting new software packages, etc.  Actually, maybe paying attention to the construction would ease my mind….who knows?

I’m still excited about our prospects.  In the face of a bad economy how can I feel positive?  Simple.  Clearly investing in the markets right now isn’t a good angle.  Buying paper and trading paper isn’t working.  But Printing on Paper?  Hey now!  You can sink your money into AIG, Fannie, Freddie, Putnam, etc., or you could pop by the gallery and get a much prettier sheet of paper that you’ll never have to worry about trade value.  Inflation won’t affect a pretty print.

Even better, you can stop by and have me print a wide format of one of your own personal favorite shots.

The governement is printing “paper” like crazy right now.  I say we do the same, but with much more interesting graphics on the sheets……Just saying!  😉

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  1. Congratulations! It’s a good feeling to be moving forward…no matter how scary it is at time! The printer is very sexy by the way…

    OH…did you get my text yesterday…when we were driving into Phoenix, there was a HUGE building with an AIG sign hanging on it…all windows, very lovely and impressive. The bestest part about it was there was a HUGE banner draped across the sides of the building that said: Now Hiring!!


    I wish I could have taken a picture, but we were traveling too fast…

  2. WOW, that is one heckova printer!

    I can’t be there, but can I send a little something to help celebrate the grand opening? Please drop me an email with your new gallery address…

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