I’ve been missing out big time!

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Last night, for the first time in many months I watched TV again.

The show “Heroes” ended early last year.  Remember the writers strike?  Yeah.  They went and took away half my season of “Heroes.”  Over the months I’ve wondered whether or not I should care about the new season.  Finally I decided I’d give the show a whirl again.

I’ll get into my thoughts about Heroes at another time.  What has my interest today is what I’ve been missing out on.

Commercials, news clips, more commercials……yup, I’ve missed out.  Did you know I haven’t known what new movies are coming out because I don’t see the commercials?  Friends often have to fill me in.  They’re always shocked that I haven’t seen the commercial for this or that movie.  Or the latest funny commercial.

I know, I spend a ton of time listening to radio news and reading tons of stuff on the Internet.  Pretty much I hide in a closet and miss out on the important stuff…..  😛

What really got me last night, beyond some disappointment in Heroes was the trailer for the evening news.  The basic gist….”The economy’s rought patch, and breaking news on the Astro Turf scandal.”

Really, a rough patch?  The bigger story was about Astro Turf at a school, and it having trace amounts of lead.

I’ve always wondered why I know so much about what’s happening economically.  And I’ve always wondered how so many people around me know so much about the next new movie and funny commercial.  Apparently I’ve missed out on breaking Astro Turf news too.

In the end I’ll give Heroes one or two more episodes to see if they can make me care about the show again.  My added bonus?  I’ll know about the next few movies coming out.  Beyond that, I haven’t missed much.  Hard to really gain a lot of insight with information being doled out in 30 second micro bursts, or occasionally whopping 2 minute segments.  No wonder everyone is so wound up with only half the information at hand.

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  1. I’m a LOST girl… Just picked up the HOUSE habit…but that’s it for regular television…unless I happen upon a fishing show or something good and educational when channel surfing.

  2. Well it took me a few weeks to find your new blog. I figured I should do it soon because Mom & Dad will be out there before you know it. It reminds me of a newspaper. 🙂
    Aunt Venita loves the shoe “Heros”. She thought I named Micah after that show. For the record I have never seen the show and I named him after the book in the bible.
    Cars 2 is coming out in 2012. Something to look forward to.

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