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I’ll tell you, there’s a ton to building a new business.  Heck, there’s a ton that goes into expanding a current one.

Yesterday I took a ride by Ian’s gallery to see how everything is going.  Ian was in the new space cleaning the concrete floors in preparation for an acid wash.  Multiple crew members including Ian were on the floor wiping it down with wet sponges.

The floors should be finished today.  The walls have been opened up.  The new expanded window slots are finished waiting for their glass.  It’s all coming together.

For my part in this venture, the printer should be here Friday or Monday.  The new IMac is loaded with more imaging software than any system I’ve ever owned.  I’m looking into a better image scanner than the one I currently have on hand.  See, other galleries will be printing with us, and many will be bringing slides, negatives, etc., of their work in order to generate prints.

We’ve still got to swing the current phone line to the new building, set up a new high speed internet, and get some new equipment for processing transactions.  Those are my next “to do” items this week.

And yes, no photos.  I’ve been so preoccupied with what’s going on and so busy that I haven’t taken fun walks for a few days.  The 30 days series is beyond broken.  And I’m sorry to say I totally forgot my camera yesterday.  I wanted to take a few shots of the new place!!!

Looks like everything is on track.  Hopefully things will slow down a little so I can once again stop and enjoy what’s around me.  Also, that would mean more fun photos on the site!

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  1. So is this going to be a joint venture with you AND Ian, or is he just helping you along since he has some muscle in the plaza?

  2. We really need to see some “before and afters” of the new digs! In HDR would be an added bonus…

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  4. I must say we need this new company of yours.
    I always have to use out of town labs for my scanning and printing jobs. Please tell me you are getting a scanner that will do sheet film!
    Good Luck!

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    We will be looking into a higher end scanner. I’ve got a film scanner now, but I want something with higher resolution.

    Just ordered some canvas samples in, water color paper, and my satin gloss paper for my prints today.

    Things will be off & running after October 18th! That’s the “Grand Opening” day.

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