It’s 5, and I’m awake

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Well, here it is 5 a.m. and I’m wide awake!  I sat up 10 minutes ago and found myself thinking too much about today.

Anticipation is often a wonderful thing.  Sometimes,like this moment, it can be an annoying thing as well.  Not to say I’m annoyed, but I’d really like some more sleep! My apologies to everyone in advance if I snooze on you this evening at the opening…..I got up a little too early!

Today is the “big” day.  Our grand opening.  It seems like we’ve been building to this for a very long time, but I know that’s not the case.  Only a few months have passed since Ian, Jantina, and I sat down to talk about the idea of teaming up.

Go figure the timing of all of this would coincide with my family’s visit!  Nobody planned that one, it just worked out that way.  Last Spring we were talking about an October visit.  Plans were firm by June and I put in for my time off.  Then the gallery concept came about in August and Ian’s launch date was set for October 18th.  Things just come together sometimes!

So, the day is finally here.  My family extended their visit to stay through this weekend, and they’re parked right across the way this morning.  Shortly we’ll all be in town for the day, and then the official opening will come and go.  Wow!  You know what’s on my mind?  Laundry.  🙂  Should I do it this morning, or tomorrow morning?  Ah, decisions!

If I have time today maybe I’ll post one more update.  A few photos of the gallery might be nice for all of you who couldn’t come out here.  Looks like yesterday’s post was premature!  I didn’t think I’d be wide awake so early today!

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  1. Congratulations on your Grand Opening!

    We wish you a wondrous first day and ongoing great success.

    Bill and Larry

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