The Airstream's first satellite dish

It’s been a few years

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Photo compliments of my sister Jade. Dad on Father’s Day.

The biggest reason I’ve been trying to raise funds to roll across the country in August? Seeing family. 5 years since I’ve been in New England!

Between my two sisters I have 2 nephews and 3 nieces.  I met the first nephew and niece before moving to Arizona, but they were too little to remember me.  For them I’m the mysterious voice on the phone, and the guy with a website.  In the case of the rest of the little ones, never met them.  And they’re all walking and talking, some in kindergarten, some in pre-school.

Currently it’s not looking too good for rolling across America and visiting family and friends in New England.  We’re still at 10% sales to raise the funds.  And being a small business owner, if I don’t have it up front then I won’t be heading out.  That’s just one of the realities of owning your own small business.  I think it was worth a try no matter how it works out.  As I’ve said before, August business drops off a cliff for me, so I thought I needed to get a little creative and this idea came to mind.

We still have a few weeks to make some more image sales online.  I won’t give up on the idea until July 20th.  That’s the cutoff I made for myself so I’d have time to plan what happens at my studio, and pre-paying studio rent and the rest for August.  Wish me luck, cross your fingers, buy a print, and help get the word out!



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