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Last year I did a photo shoot for a woman who has had very few pictures taken of herself throughout the years.  For cultural / religious reasons she stayed out of the way of cameras.  But a life changing event made her take stock, and decide that it was important to document herself and family members.  That’s where I came in.

We did an amazing photo shoot for the client and her daughter.  Of course, the night before the shoot I got the call to cancel the session.  Worries about the shoot, photos of herself, etc.  We didn’t cancel, instead we worked with her and the results were amazing.

Honestly she was one of my most photogenic and stunning clients I’ve ever worked with.  Right out of the camera just beautiful.  And very natural.  I enjoyed the shoot, and the time getting to know my client.

You’ve never seen a photo from that session.  She asked to not be used in my advertising or blog.  Very unfortunate, because she was a natural.  And if you saw the photos you’d be amazed!

Well, on Friday late afternoon I received a call from that client again.  She called with short notice to see if I could document her wedding.  She said, “I’m getting married and the first person I thought of was you.”  Gotta tell you, that made my day.  Not because it means more business (which is great too), but because she remembered the care and discretion we used while doing her photo session.  My lighting assistant Kassi helped put her at ease.  And I continually checked to make sure she was comfortable with the whole process.

So, hearing back from this client and being asked to photograph her wedding really put a smile on my face for the weekend.  Those returning customers pay you a compliment every time they come back!  And I know it!!!

Today’s photos are from this past weekend.  I didn’t go into town the entire weekend, stayed away from the gallery and studio, and generally let myself take a break from business worries and cash flow concerns.  🙂


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