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Lately it seems that I’m struggling with the blog.  Readers know this because the posts have just become infrequent.  And I find myself wondering what I can do to spark the blog back to life.

A big part of the lack of blogging has to do with me being distracted by other things.  Like getting sales up during the slack months of July & August.  As usual, sales and printing have fallen off of a cliff for me already.  You could set your watch by the drop off.  It’s just that predictable.

So, in order to make myself useful I’ve been working very hard on learning more about studio marketing.  Signed up to several online courses for marketing your studio, using Facebook and the web to help promote yourself, etc.  Honestly so far watching all of the videos there’s more info-mercial qualities pumping you up about your studio business, but not a lot of practical how to do it.  Maybe I paid for the wrong videos……

I’ll continue plugging away to try and improve the business during this slack time.  Actually, a big part of my drive to hit the road in August has to do with knowing that my business doesn’t function during these two months.  Unfortunately we’re less than 10 days from my online sales goal to get the Airstream on the road, and we’re still stuck at 10%.  With that in mind it’s safe to say the Airstream will not be going cross country in August.

That last statement has me pretty down.  So I’m guessing that’s a big part of no inspiration to blog.  Who knows, maybe I can swing a local trip just to get away from worrying about the biz.

Well, we’ll see what we can manage next week.  With everything I’ve been reading and watching I do have a lot of new insights into other studios.  So there are more thoughts on the business side.  Maybe I’ll blog about that.

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