It’s fun to stun your clients

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One of my regular reproduction clients asked me about a portrait session the other week.  Her birthday was coming up and she thought it would be a nice gift to herself to have some new portraits made.  Of course she was nervous……

In all honesty, I don’t want portraits of myself!  We’re all super self conscious, and when it comes to images of me I’m no different than anyone else!

Go figure when we scheduled our shoot monsoons would really kick up.  We delayed the shoot a day, then two, then 4.  And finally we had an afternoon where we could get out and shoot.  For my client, this left her plenty of time to worry over the shoot.  But as usual, we made her feel comfortable, and we even had a few laughs during the session.  And what came out was beautiful!!!

I just finished meeting with her, and her reaction was exactly what I wanted.  She loved them, and she was so surprised at how nicely they came out.  Personally I wasn’t surprised at all.  She’s been a client of mine for years, her paintings are lovely, and she’s a really nice person.  So of course that should come through in the shoot if I’m doing my job right!

For everyone who has ever done a shoot with me……  Thanks for trusting me enough to create your images.  And really, I love hearing that the images are more than you expected.  They should be!  Shouldn’t we all expect quality when we go to any professional?  Yup, I think so.

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    Thanks Josh. I spent years not doing portrait work for a reason. Had to get really good at it before I offered it as a service. I sincerely wish more people would do the same in their professions.

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