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snowonsquare-1-of-2This morning I awoke to an unusual site.  Snow.

Sure, it snows here, but it usually doesn’t stick around.  But yesterday’s storm had a little extra kick to it.  It snowed all day, and into the evening.  Pretty amazing.

So, this morning’s wakeup made me feel like I was back in New Hampshire.  More than 6 inches of snow easy at Point of Rocks.  Other parts of the town seem to have received up to a foot.  And remember, this is Arizona.

Of course Prescott used to receive regular snow fall years ago.  Sadira recalls bigger storms than this one.  But according to the Daily Courier, this one was a doozie.

snowonsquare-2-of-2I’ve heard stories that once food was air lifted into Prescott after a heavy storm.  So, I do wonder if this storm was “the worst” in Northern Arizona history.  Folks like to play it up sometimes, especially in the media.

I will say that this much snow is “unusual” in my experience here.  Winter #2 for me, and things seem to hold a standard pattern.  Snow, quick melt, all done.  To see the snow stick around has broken out of the pattern I’m used to.  Of course most of it will probably melt off today!

Unfortunately the roads really suffered during this storm.  Unlike New England the roads do not get salted here.  Heck, they don’t really get plowed either!

Every road into town was pretty bad this morning.  I threw the Titan into 4 wheel drive and made my way in slowly.  But there was little pavement to get traction on!  While driving along Willow Creek I passed a snow plow heading in the opposite direction.  The plow was not all the way down on the road.  It seemed to be a few inches above the pavement…..which doesn’t honestly help to clear the road.

Currently the snow is melting on Goodwin.  Cars are going back and forth in town, but not many.  I’ve watched several wrecks today, and I’m sure more will occur.  Just need that snow to melt of the roads and everything will be back to normal!



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  1. Indeed winters used to be much more severe when I was a kid here. This is probably the best storm we’ve had in 10 years though, so definitely a bit of a doozy. 🙂

    And while we may not salt, we do use cinders here which help quite a bit with traction. Though the plows and cinder trucks did seem to be running late this morning…

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  3. They were saying on the radio that Flagstaff was getting 14 inches and it was the worst snowstorm that area has ever seen. Driving the Versa into town might have added some excitement to the ride…

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  5. I’m thinking that the people who have recently moved from California have a lot to do with this being the “Worst Storm in the History of Northern Arizona” (and not just because they’re out there crowding the roads with their bad and unsafe driving…

    OF COURSE it use to snow here more! I even have all the pictures from when I was a kid to prove it…3 feet or more at times even. Good for sledding though! Something I wish we would have had time to do today 🙂

  6. The first winter I spent in Prescott (’99-00) I had 18 inches of snow where I lived. My Jeep got stuck, the underbody was up on the snow and all 4 wheels were spinning but no motion.

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