Laundry day comes early

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Tomorrow morning we’ll be headed out of Prescott and on our way to Kingman, and then to Borrego Springs once again.  Yesterday we received an inquiry from a potential client, so we’re heading out to meet them.  Nothing like talking about a project in person.

Since we’ll be hitting the road I figured this morning would be a good time to get the wash done.  That is one thing I miss about my old house, and even the apartment I was in last year.  Having my own washer and dryer.  So much easier to get chores done at home while laundry is in.  On the road?  Yeah, you get to spend a few hours in a park laundry room, or in a random coin op place somewhere in the town you’re visiting.  Overall I enjoy Airstream travel, but laundry is one of the minor detractions.

Also, I don’t always feel great about doing laundry at public facilities.  I’ve seen stuff.  Oh yes, I’ve seen stuff.  And I’ve been affected by it too:

  • The woman who ran small rugs through the dryer.  The rugs had rubber bottoms, and melted into the dryer.  The rubber fused to several items of my clothing when I dried my clothes.
  • The guy who consistently washes his really nasty sneakers at the laundry room here at Point of Rocks.  Mud caked (I hope) grimy, etc.  I make sure to watch which dryer he puts those sneakers in.
  • The washer covered in dirt and hair.  Yeah, somebody needs to clean that one out.  Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

Of course, laundry day does give me an opportunity to get some work done without distraction.  Sitting in the laundry room with my Macbook Pro I can do things like update the blog.  If you haven’t noticed, no blog for 2 days.  It’s been a little hectic here the past few days, and I just haven’t found the time to write anything up.  But with this morning being laundry day, what else do I have to do?  🙂

The blog should get busier again with travel, and we should be posting some fun images again soon.  After Kingman, Borrego to check out a park and meet up with Bert Gildart (haven’t seen him in years).  We’ll be talking tech, Lightroom, GoPro’s, and several other things.  Can’t wait!

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