What’s this I hear about snow?

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This morning as the Airstream got hitched up the neighbors popped over to say hello and have a nice trip.  They also let me know that word on the street is all about snow.


Maybe they called my family back in New England.  Talking to my father this morning he told me about the 14 inches of powdery white stuff that landed in his driveway.  Apparently New England has gotten dumped on once more, even though it wasn’t supposed to be a big storm.  I’m glad I’m not there right now.

Of course, while hitching up and talking about snow with Dad we compared temperatures.  Hitching up I was experiencing a balmy 27 degrees.  Dad, with all the snow, had 23 degrees.  Yeah, it’s always warmer in Arizona.

Driving across the state today there was a slate gray sky.  The winds were whipping up pretty good.  And yes, it looked like a New England sky.  Now that I’m parked outside of Kingman we’re experiencing strong winds, and there’s a chance of snow.  Here’s hoping it isn’t 14 inches!  I don’t have a snowblower with me.  🙁

Of course, a few days from now I’ll be somewhere that the temperatures are expected to be in the 70’s.  Hello shorts weather!  Who needs a silly snowblower anyway?

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