Looking forward to a fun and busy weekend!

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This morning I’ve been recharging batteries, toying with a three light setup, and prepping myself for what should be a long weekend.

What’s happening?  Plenty!

  • Tsunami’s Friday Night event at the Elks Theater.  Yup, that’s tonight!
  • Tsunami on the Square:  All day tomorrow.  I’ll be the guy with the camera and the Tilley hat.
  • Off Camera Lighting at the Art Store:  That’s Sunday folks!
  • Monday (while not part of the weekend) I’ve got a fun family portrait session!

I know, short bullet points, but each one will be hours and hours.  Saturday will find me enjoying and documenting Tsunami once again.  Should be a fun day!

In other news…..

Nick Russell stopped by the studio today.  He’s been out fighting forest fires for quite a while now, and was just rotated back here.  The fires in AZ have been a huge problem for a while now, and Nick is one of the guys out there fighting them.  Big thanks Nick!

While he was here I popped him in front of a 3 light setup that I was fine tuning.  Here’s Nick’s latest shot in the lime light.

"Forest fire this......"

You might recall that Nick popped into the studio a few months ago with his fire gear in tow for a few quick photos.  His gear isn’t as clean now.  Another guy on his crew looked at him while they were out and said, “You look like a homeless guy who is wearing fire gear.”  Yeah, they were out for a bit.

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