White Sands Dune Ripples

Looking through old images

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Getting ready for a shoot this afternoon, and I decided to look back through some of the old Lightroom libraries on my Drobo.  Wow, way too many images.  And just a few catalogs to say the least.

Going through the old images is fun.  I’m finding stuff I’d totally forgotten about, and never did anything with it.  One image grabbed me.  It was my first swing at doing a composite.  It’s not great, but it is interesting and reminded me of when I was toying with the image…….


The folks in this image were “shot” at the Whiskey Row shoot out several years ago.  I’d totally forgotten about putting this one together.

I also ran across a totally over cooked HDR from Flagstaff.  While I’m not a big fan of the over done HDRs any longer, this one was pretty cool.


Well, enough strolling down memory lane.  It’s time to check the batteries, retest the strobes, and get ready to shoot.

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