Who !*@@##! let Rich near Garageband again?

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Ah yes, that’s what many long time followers might say with today’s little video.

I thought they took Garageband away from him?  Why does he like Techno.  I bet he still believes that Depeche Mode is cool.  What an 80’s goob.  I bet he still likes Petshop Boys too!

Well, yes he still does like Depeche and Petshop.  So what?  My mom still dug the Beetles in the 90’s.  It’s all about what you grew up with, no?

So, I had so much fun the other day with the time lapse that I decided to do another.  11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  A single frame every 10 seconds.  The I smashed all the frames together with a still photo smashing mallet, made some horrible techno music…..and voila!

And yes, if you hate digital / techno music please just kill the volume on your computer and you’ll be a super happy camper.  🙂

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