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I’ve been pondering a software purchase for a while now.  MacSpeech.

Several friends and acquaintances have mentioned Dragon Naturally Speaking software, and it sounds really interesting.  Have you heard of it?  I’ve read through all of the information on it, and now it’s one of those, “Boy I’d like to try that” purchases.

No, the program hasn’t been bought.  Yet…..

But wouldn’t it be nice?  The ability to dictate the blog?  Sure, I type 80 words a minute, and I fly along (hence the typos).  But to speak out what I’d like on the pages?  That would be amazing.

So now I’m curious.  How many readers here have used this software?  Anyone?  If so, leave a comment and your thoughts.

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  1. used an old version a few years ago. I was unimpressed. Lots of training required before it begins approaching correctness.

    That and I type faster than I speak. I would hope that new versions are better.

  2. No doubt today’s software is much better than the first I tried (paid for) years ago (when I was a PC guy). After several weeks of struggle, I gave up and decided that my typing was much easier and could correct my errors as I typed.

    Today being retired, I have more time and no money. So the decision is easy.

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