Make sure to answer when the phone rings

Richard Charpentier Arizona, RLC Design 5 Comments

This afternoon I had to run out to Staples.  A few odds and ends to round up including a “new” classic Swingline Stapler.

For Office Space fans I want you to know I’m resisting so many lines from that movie regarding my new Swingline.  Just make sure you don’t take my stapler… know what happens when you take the stapler……

50's ThrowbackWhen I returned from Staples Ian told me I’d missed a call from a woman at a magazine who wanted to run one of my photos.  At first I thought he was teasing me, but turns out he wasn’t.  AAA’s “Highroads” magazine wants to run one of my Shady Dell pieces that I shot back in January.  Actually, they wanted to see the rest of the stuff from the Bisbee trip, so they’re reviewing other images right now!

Glad Ian was here to answer the phone!  Looks like we’ll be getting a little more notice in a few weeks!

Pretty exciting stuff!

Stop thinking about my Swingline Stapler…….

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  2. Yyyyyyyyyeaahhhhhhhhhhh…

    I’m going to need to ask you….to, uhhh….post…..MORE shots like this….yyyeeeahhh…that’d be great, thanks.

    F’IN LOOOVE THIS SHOT DUDE! I can stare at it for hours. Got some new ones up on my blog as well.

  3. Well, at least using a mac with your HP won’t get you the message “PC load letter? What the F&^k does that mean?”

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