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Making Something out of Nothing

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Yup, found in the desert....

Okay, first I promise the Nowhere and Nothing titles will end today. 🙂 There, I bet you feel better!

The Airstream finally got out on the road again!

This weekend’s trip out to Nothing and Nowhere Arizona was a lot of fun.  There was more to see in an area called “Nothing, AZ” then you’d think.  Photographically, spring time seems to suit the region well.  What’s in the area?

  • Visit the remnants of Nothing AZ.  Watch out for the BioHazard tape strung all over the site, and I guess, don’t breathe deeply.
  • Pop by Burro Creek Campground.  Its a BLM area, and it’s amazing.
  • Check out Burro Creek Canyon.
  • Check out Kaiser Canyon.
  • Go in search of the multiple hot springs in the area (we didn’t find them).
  • Enjoy the desert bloom.
  • Go to the Joshua Tree Forest just south of Nothing.  The segment of road along 93 is called “Joshua Forest Parkway.”  Let me tell you, I’ve never seen this many Joshua Trees in my life.
  • Wander any pull off from the main roads to see amazing Arizona Scenery.
  • Take a short drive over to Bagdad, AZ.  Check out the new diner, its something else……

Watch for the Biohazard tape strung up in front of Nothing....

There’s so much more to do.  If you love to watch birds, Burro Creek is your spot.  Fishing, oh yeah, there’s fish there.  Hiking?  Pick a direction and go.  Panning for gold?  Yup, they’ve got that too……

Of course, for the photographer who loves shooting outdoors……well, you’re going to have a good time.

Alright, enough with my rambling.  I’ll let you take a look through the photos and you can decided of visiting Nothing and Nowhere Arizona would be worth your time.  🙂

You'd think somebody "arranged" this desert garden, but you'd be wrong. Just happened upon it while wandering.

The desert holds more than just Saguaros and rattlers

A favorite scene from this weekend's trip.

Joshua Tree Window

Retro Diner found in Bagdad. Open Tue - Sunday, 6-2.

Well, there you go.  Hope you’ve enjoyed the photos from my most recent trip.  I’ll be sure to return there again, and give myself a little more time on the next trip!

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  1. Post

    That happened back in the fall of 06′ in Florida at a park that insisted on a person behind me helping to back me in. I did not want to use the site they offered as a palm tree cut into the site at an angle. And sure enough, the gentleman assisting me told me I was fine…..

    Then once parked we checked out the damage. The park wouldn’t take responsibility, and I was dumb enough to listen to the guy in the first place.

    Just haven’t had the time or resources to go all the way to Airstream’s mother ship to have it repaired, and I didn’t file a claim either. Stuff happens, right?

  2. Um…don’t breathe too deeply OR eat the woodfire pizza in Nothing? eep.

    Oh, and somewhere in all that Burro Creek literature, I was promised some little waterfalls. Did you see any waterfalls?! I did see a swarm of bees up over my head…and a whole lot of pterodactyl action however…

    And the diner? Yeah…swoon-a-rama! I see a Sunday trip out in my future…
    .-= sadira´s last blog ..In Which She Turns 40…And Camps About It… =-.

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