Prescott AZ Monsoon Sunset by Photographer Rich Charpentier

So many projects here at the Airstream Chronicles

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Prescott AZ Monsoon Sunset by Photographer Rich Charpentier

This morning I thought I should update here on the Airstream Chronicles to keep you up to speed with all that’s been going on. I have so many projects up in the air right now, and so much typing to do!

While the chronicles are quieter these days, other websites and projects are not.  Today I’m going to open up a new website that 99% of you haven’t heard of.  It’s a new pet project of mine that was inspired by the SEO work we’ve been doing for several clients in the Prescott area.  This current job is a labor of love for the Prescott area, and hopefully people will enjoy it and find it useful in time.  It’s still under construction, but progressing with the help of several people.  So without any more delay……

So, what’s  It’s a new website that will be featuring all of the amazing outdoor activities here in Prescott open to locals and visitors alike.  I’ve been wanting to do something like this for years, and I’m finally building the site after a lot of thought over the summer.

When people search for Prescott AZ they find a lot of great information.  Shopping in town, real estate and homes for sale, and a lot of positive press about this being a great place to retire.  While there’s a good bit of information on outdoor recreation in the area, there’s no one place that covers all of the recreation available.  That’s where Explore Prescott comes in.

We’ve teamed up with Arizona High Altitude Training to put together this new site about all of the outdoor fun you can have in the Prescott area.  We’ll be putting up trail reports, new information on the Circle Trail, and highlighting must visit areas if you’re interested in hiking, biking, running, kayaking, photography, mountain biking, and more in Everybody’s Hometown.  The site is just filling out now, and a lot more content will be coming, so bookmark it, subscribe to it, and stay up to date with what we’re doing.

An SEO Demo

Beyond wanting to creating a unique outdoor website about the area, I’m also doing this new project as a demonstration about the power of SEO.  See, over the past few months my clients in the area have been outperforming many competitor websites.  Why are they doing so much better than long established sites in their line of work?  SEO.  My clients are trained about using SEO to drive new business into their websites, and what we’ve been doing is working.

With the latest successes for Point of Rocks RV Park and the Watson Lake Inn, I couldn’t think of a better way to showcase our SEO work than a new website about the recreation in a town I love.  Currently since Explore Prescott is being built we have no SEO footing to speak of.  But in 4 months time…..we’ll keep you up to date and show you how well the site performs and overtakes other less informative websites.

Tutorials and Videos are popping up everywhere

I’ve also been working up a few new series on our YouTube Channel.  I’m talking about drones, drone photography, SEO, and website building.  Not to mention we’re adding videos for the new Explore Prescott website.  Below is a sampling of what is going on with out video channel.  Check out the videos, and if you enjoy what we’re presenting don’t forget to subscribe on our YouTube Channel.

Explore Prescott 5 mile sections of the Circle Trail Videos

My Drone Journey Video #4

I’m doing a new series called My Drone Journey.  As I learn more about the ins and outs of being a commercially licensed drone pilot I’m sharing it online.  If you’re interested in drones and passing the Part 107 exam from the FAA I talk about it, and other topics.


Website Design with WordPress, X Theme, and WP Engine

While I’ve started this new series on YouTube I think it will be migrating to another website soon.  I’m not getting a lot of interest on my channel as people come here more for Airstream information, travel, and full time living.  Truth be told, in order to make a living as a small business owner this series will be very useful, but I’m thinking it might do better on a training website like or Udemy Academy.

You’re all caught up now!

So, now you’re up to date. If you want to know what’s going on here I’d suggest staying tuned to, RLC Design Services, and my Instagram channel. There’s always something new on at least one of these locations every day.

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  1. Are you going to include golfing in your “explore Prescott”? It is outdoor recreation.

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