Memorial Day almost missed – That’s what I get for pre-writing posts

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Yes, today a post went up that I’d put together days ago.  But I did remember the day, and the day was brought home to me this morning.

After the crazed wind storms this weekend, the Phippen Art Show wrapping up, and a generally busy week I found myself spent yesterday.  I took the 6:30 p.m. nap and lost myself in rest.  This morning I awoke refreshed and renewed.  One more day in the long weekend.

An early start was had and soon enough I was in town.  The last day of Phippen.  The last day of the three day weekend.  Summer starts.

Now, I hadn’t forgotten the meaning of Memorial Day.  A day to honor those lost defending our country.  It was in my head.  I heard it on the radio too.  And I know through my own family members what the day is about.  Still…..trucking along in my own world you know?

Well, I made my way across to the square this morning to talk with a friend.  And as I got to the Courthouse Plaza I stopped and watched a guy near one of the bronze statues on the square.  A soldier reaching out with another soldier at his side.  And a plaque in front with names listed of those lost.  The gentleman in front of the statue was bent on one knee.  His leather jacket read “Disabled War Veteran”.  I stopped in my march to where I was going and stepped to the side.  Trying to be unobtrusive I watched this man on his knee.  And I slowed down for the moment I was supposed to.

When he was finished in front of the memorial the gentleman stood up on his one good leg, and one artificial.  He moved off to the side of the memorial and sat on a curb edge, like I had done when I first saw him.  He sat for quite a while working out the tears.  I don’t know if he knew anyone on that particular memorial, or if it just brought back memories of those he knew.  Whatever the case, he was moved, and so was I.  My little business trek stopped and was lost in his moment.  Quite appropriate.  Grateful for his reminder to me.

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