Scott Kelby’s Photo Recipes Live2 App

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The other day I popped over to Scott Kelby’s website to check out his latest updates.  To be honest I’ve been remiss in my daily blog reading.  The routine seems to have changed to “get into the office and start running canvas.”  No complaints, busy is good and it means bills can be paid.

But the other morning I did do some catchup reading and saw Kelby’s post on his new Photo Recipes Live2 App.  I decided to check it out since he was giving a pretty sweet deal on the app.  Figured what the heck, try it out!

The App itself is actually a download of Scott’s Photo Recipes Live2 videos.  It’s also offered with a small book and DVD.  I’ve seen #1 in the book stores, and recently saw number 2 pop up at Barnes and Noble as well.  Weeks ago I almost bought it, but held off.  Guess I was waiting for this app.

I think the app came in at about 1.7GB.  Took a little while to download, but it was well worth it.  It can be used on the IPad, IPod Touch, and the IPhone.  I’ve got two out of three.  Still no IPad.  🙂

So here’s the quick and dirty.  I love the app.  Most of what was reviewed in the training was actually review for me, but that’s okay.  The app is divided into chapters, you can pick clips, and could be handy dandy if I just need a quick reference on setup for a particular situation.  The content, as usual, is great.  What’s really impressive is the app interface itself.  Very nice!  Honestly, if more folks offered training videos in this format I’d be loading up the IPod Touch even more.

In addition to this new app now has it’s own new app.  I’d been a subscriber for two years to the training site, and my membership recently expired.  Prioritizing where my funds go right now, but I’m sure I’ll eventually sign up again as I’ve found so many valuable videos there.  For the moment though I’ll hold off.  See, the new KelbyTraining App looks great, but one drawback.  You’re still streaming the video, and that’s what I’ve always had trouble with.  Be it at work or home, or any other network for that matter, I always found that I had to keep buffering for the videos.  Maybe it’s me, I don’t know.  But I really wanted to watch each chapter in full.  My hope for the new Kelby Training App was that you’d be able to fully download, then watch (like the Photo Recipes).  Since it doesn’t look like I can do that yet I’ll wait to see the next versions of app releases.

For folks looking to learn more about portrait work, off camera lighting, and have it on a mobile device, I’d suggest checking out the Photo Recipes Live (1 & 2).  Well worth the price, and currently it’s still a discounted price.  And if you’re looking to learn a ton about photography, photoshop, and many other Adobe Suite products check out  All the lessons I’ve watched have been great (with the buffering aside) and well worth it!

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