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Mere Moments Away….

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That’s where my family is.  A half of a day’s drive.

Currently they’re in Gallup, NM.  They’ll have an interesting ride across Arizona today.  And they’ll be greeted by some chilly weather up in Flagstaff.  Word is there might be snow at higher elevations in Flag today!

Yes, they’ll be riding into some cool weather in Arizona.  A front is moving in today.  That means cool nights and days in the 70’s.  Somehow I think they won’t mind the weather here!  🙂

And as of tomorrow I’ll be on a week long vacation.  I’m very pleased about that.  Haven’t had a long period of time off since my last trip to Anza Borrego.  Ah, there’s another place I’m looking forward to seeing again soon….but that will wait this week.  I think we’ll be sticking close to home.  Playing tourist you know (I’m always a tourist).  Taking more photos of interesting spots while touring my family around.  Should be fun, and relaxing.

Oh, and of course, the gallery launch approaches.  It is only mere moments away as well!

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  1. Welcome to Sunny Arizona! The drastic weather always makes you look like a fool, you’d better get use to it…

    PS. I’ve met the family and they’re just wonderful! This is going to be a great week!

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