My biggest single customer purchase in a day

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Now, I’ve been in business selling my photography since July of 2008 in a gallery setting. And I’ve been proud of each sale, and flattered by the buyers liking my work.

Every sale is a compliment!

Today I had my largest 1 time purchase of my images, and I just wanted to yell, “WooHoo,” here on the blog! So……


A local couple popped into the gallery today as they’d been looking at my images on the front wall for a while. Well, they clearly had been thinking about exactly what they wanted. The husband pointed out 4 canvases saying, “We want that one, that one, that one, and that one……”

Really? 4 canvases at once? Three 24×36″ prints and a 16×24! It’s left the front wall looking a little decimated, but that’s ok, I’ll print more.

After last week’s disastrous business climate thanks to the weather, lack of plows, state of emergency, etc., I sincerely felt I was in a hole that I had to dig out of this week.  Well, I’ve dug out.  Somehow, when you need it the most, something happens that you just have to be extra grateful about.  And I am!

And just to reiterate…….


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  1. congratulations Rich, that’s great ! It is funny how sometimes it seems like when it couldn’t get any worse, something good just drops in your lap. Call it karma, destiny, or just good luck, it’s still really cool when it happens.
    .-= David Griggs´s last blog ..Arizona Car Shows =-.

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    Ah, I had a feeling I’d get this question……

    The jury is still out. If I could guarantee 2 more sales like this one in the next 2 weeks (or the equivalent in printing) then I would have a firm answer. 🙂

    Of course, I’ve been pondering the potential bloom out there, and the wish to go is stronger than usual. 🙂

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    Thanks Adolfo! Just never had that many canvases go out together with a single customer before. The record previously was 3 at once. So now we’re up to 4!

    Can we work toward 5??? 🙂 Not being greedy, just goal oriented!

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