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Need some pricing advice? Try FotoQuote

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Last year while reading John Harrington’s “Best Business Practices For Photographers,” I found a software package that is a must have for photographers doing commercial work and stock work.  FotoQuote.

FotoQuote is a very straightforward program by Cradoc Foto Software.  Basically it helps you get a gauge of average prices in the industry for your stock photography, commercial work, etc.  It’s been an invaluable tool for me since the day I got it.

Since last fall I’ve done multiple commercial projects, been on multiple magazine covers, and most recently one of my images has been licensed for the cover of a new novel!  Without FotoQuote at my side I would have had a very hard time figuring out pricing for each project.

As you see in the image above, the main interface has several tabs.  Stock pricing, assignment pricing, magazines, quote packs, and setup.  Pretty simple and straightforward.  Getting into the program though you’ll find that each tab has many options below it.

The primary section I use is the stock pricing area.  It offers quotes for websites, books, magazines, catalogs, business brochures and more.  You select the category of the licensing you’re looking for, what size publication it is, and you find a range of pricing from low to high, and of course the average pricing.  Basically it gives you national averages and leaves you free to adjust your final pricing based on your own knowledge of the market you’re dealing with.

It should be noted that you’re getting averages and trends here.  No price fixing or anything of the sort.  Instead FotoQuote gives you a ballpark to work in.  The final decision is yours. 

In addition to getting ranges for your pricing FotoQuote also gives you a lot of “coaching” on how to approach clients and pricing.  The coaching was invaluable to me for a recent multi-day commercial project.  No prices are given in these coaching sections, rather you’re getting helpful suggestions on talking to your clients, things to ask, and items to keep in mind before you create a final quote for your client.

Another favorite feature of FotoQuote is the QuotePacks.  Often times your marketing clients are wanting to use images for more than one thing.  A commercial piece may be used in National campaigns covering print media, web media, logos on product, etc.  How the heck to you even begin to wrap your mind around multiple licenses for multiple media types?  QuotePacks, that’s how!

So, the bottom line?

This is a must have program for any photographer doing assignments, stock photography, advertising work, etc.  In John Harrington’s book he talks about photographer friends calling him to help figure out licensing prices.  He talks about how he uses FotoQuote to help the friends, but tells them once they’ve landed the work they must take part of their proceeds and buy FotoQuote.  From my perspective the program pays for itself normally through one licensed piece of work.  It’s invaluable!!!


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