The Gateway to the Grand Canyon?

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Bright Angel Trail

Williams has often been referred to as the Gateway to the Grand Canyon.  Tourists from all over launch their Canyon visits from the Grand Canyon Railway based out of Williams.  Route 66 lovers roll along the downtown section of the famous road every day.  And the area offers some amazing outdoor opportunities for avid hikers, climbers, and folks looking to enjoy the surrounding small lakes.

Now Williams will be adding one more feature.  My works on canvas and print.  Friday I’ll be heading up to “The Gallery in Williams” to drop off multiple canvases, framed prints, and loose prints as well!

Don’t panic, don’t worry.  I’m still in my studio in Prescott, and still showing in the Ian Russell Gallery.  This is an expansion of my print business into an area I’ve been wanting to expand into for quite a while.  See, Williams has some amazing tourist traffic.  And there are different types of tourists.  You’ve got those heading off to the Canyon, visitors following Route 66, folks up from the Valley escaping the summer heat……  And that all works in my favor.

I will be very specific in what I’m showing in Williams this year.  Route 66, Ghost Towns, Grand Canyon, and Vermillion Cliffs images will be targeted toward the folks coming through Williams.  What I’ve found in Prescott is that people aren’t so into Route 66 or the rest of the items listed.  More often than not here people are looking for Prescott images!  We’ve got to grow our market, right?  So what better venue than the Gateway to the Grand Canyon?

Plus this totally gives me an excuse to visit Williams more.  I’ve really enjoyed my time up there over the past year!

Sycamore Point, just south of Williams

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