Of fairies and dragaonflies…….

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I realized today that fairies and dragonflies have a lot in common.  They’re both small you see.  And they have wings,  Oh, and those wings beat fast.  And finally…….

They’re both impossible to photograph which is why nobody has photographic evidence of fairies.


Dragonfly butt!

Dragonfly butt!

You’ve seen dragonfly photos you say?  I believe you.  I’ve seen them too.  See, folks who dig bugs catch them.  They then stick a pin through them and mount them on something.  And then they proceed to take the photo.  Fortunatley, fairies are smart and they don’t want pins stuck through them.  That’s why you haven’t seen a fairy photo.  If you desperately need to see a fairy stop by Bret Blevins website, he’s got a few drawings you know……

This afternoon I officially declared dragonfly photos to be stupid.  Dumb stupid to be exact.  Who wants a dragonfly photo anyway?  I mean really….they hover like blackhawk helicopters, they turn on a dime, they’re freaking everywhere here….why, why why won’t these little bastards stay still for 3 bleeping seconds………  whew, sorry for the outburst.

I will so eat those dragonflies....and fairies.

I will so eat those dragonflies….and fairies.

Okay, ISO 6400….check……AI Servo on…..check…….High frame rate shooting on….check…….Canon auto focus sucking it royally while trying to keep pace with the dragonfly.  Seriously Canon, what’s up with auto focus.

If anyone in the reading audience has a pin, and can tell me how to catch a dragonfly and pin it to a reed or something I would totally appreciate it.  Oh wait, never mind….I’ve got it covered.

Oh, this swallow has a dragonfly in its beak!

Oh, this swallow has a dragonfly in its beak!  Seriously, it does.

nomnom (1 of 1)

Take that Dragonflies.  The frogs are on my side, the swallows are on my side…..the ospreys are on my side but we’ll talk about that later……..

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