When the rain finally stops…..

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This is truly a beautiful place!


Rays of sunshine!!!!


Saturday the rain finally cleared out.  The gray skies gave way, and the sun finally made an appearance!  Hooray for the sun!


The dock at Uncle Hank and Aunt Den’s old place.

Sunday was a perfect day.  The right amount of clouds and sun, everything looking as green as it possible could, dragon flies taunting me, and frogs making sure I don’t get their photos without a model release……  A great day.


The Beaton Property, shot at 6 something this morning!

Today is also a good day from a weather perspective.  Sunny skies, light breezes (so far), and it’s the right day for some photography.  Seriously, I’ll be shooting all day because I don’t know how long to expect the sun to stick around.

This morning I was out and shooting at 6:30 a.m.  The location?  The Beaton Property.  I had the DJI Phantom up and doing stills as well as video today.  3 batteries went quickly, and I think I got what I wanted.  Provided the winds don’t pick up today the Phantom will be up and over the lake in a few hours (recharging batteries right now).  And once this post is wrapped up I’m hitting the canoe for some paddling around on glassy water.

So, there’s the super short update.  While I’ve got more that I could write about, I can’t waste the day inside blogging, editing, or toying with the website.  Strike while the sun is shining.


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