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Here it is, Wednesday, and I’m spent once more. The past few days have been busy ones once again!

Yesterday amazed me! Last Tuesday was pretty darned quiet and I think a mop could have sat in for me.  So I expected the same yesterday. Fortunately yesterday dispelled the thought that Tuesdays might be slow.  They’re not.  Last Tuesday was slow, but it isn’t a pattern.

The print / scanning / editing business was in full swing yesterday, and part of today.  I got to the point where I asked a customer if they minded making an appointment for today.  The system was tied up for quite a while on scans and prints, and I needed extra time for scanning and printing for this particular patron.  No problem for them!  And that was good!

Today I spent the better part of the morning working on several reproductions with the person who rescheduled with me.  Almost went until noon.  We printed off a bunch of reproductions of her work, and then she set off to get ready to hang the prints at another local gallery.  It was fun setting up a new style of print, and it made for a great morning.

This afternoon was a little quieter.  Granny J stopped by.  This time I setup a small print set so she could see the equipment in action.  Nothing like the sound of a large format printer cranking out a few images of Thumb Butte!

And now I’m home at the Airstream.  Unusually tired, and almost ready to call it a night (7:25 p.m.).  Tomorrow I’ve got another round of prints for the a.m., one gallery wrap to finish off, and a few new files coming in for print setup and then proofing.  Should keep me hopping for the day…….  Hope I rest up tonight…….Hope I’m not getting the latest colds going around!

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