I really should have marked it all down……

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Not long ago I attended another blogger get together here in Prescott. And it made me think, “I should add some more links on the sidebar.”

This evening I decided to do that. Add some additional links on my site, there’s a plan!  Too bad I forgot to jot down who attended the blogger gathering.

I’m sorting through and finding some of the people I met.  Granny J was kind enough to compile a list.  So I’m reading through!

So, if I met you at the recent blog gathering and I didn’t pop you up on my links drop me a line….I’ll get you on the Blog Roll.  Hope you’ll do the same for me as well!

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  1. From my recollection we had, Susan, Karolina, Ric, Tony, Sadira, Me, Megan, Dagny, Rowena, and of course, the venerable GrannyJ

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    Tony, no problem. Sorry I missed your opening, I was at our gallery for the art walk. 🙂

    Tombo, you’re the best. Good work! A few more links to add. You are of course linked in already, but you knew that!

  3. Rich, finally gotten to a place where the Internet proceeds at a more normal pace allowing me to catch up on much good reading. Want to thank you for your posts on HDR, which I now understand much, much better. And now, it’s on to Anza Borrego where I hope to try out HDR.

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