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Had a great time working with North-Aire Aviation

As of the 19th of November we’re actually free to take on a new client or two!  So I thought I’d pass that along on this website.  You know, in case you or someone you know needs a really great website!

This morning I wrote up a post over at RLC Design about good website design.  And I titled the post, “Good Website Design Doesn’t Cost, It Pays.”  If you’ve got a couple of moments I suggest you pop on by the site and give it a read, especially if your a small to medium sized business owner.  That post is for you!

I honestly think sometimes people really lose site of what it is they’re purchasing.  Often times it seems as though everything comes down to what it costs.  And folks forget there’s a second part to any equation where you’re buying something.  You are getting something for the cost.  You don’t just lose $500 when you buy that jumbo flat panel TV.  You get the TV man!  It goes home with you, it’s yours.  When people get so fixated on pricing they completely ignore the fact that they are receiving something for the price.

In the case of the work we’ve been doing this year, clients get a lot.  And from client responses all over the country they’ve already gotten back more than it cost them to work with us.  Small investment leads to larger returns.  Oooh, that creates value!  And we all like that.  When we design a website, we do it with the intent of seeing your investment returned to you within a year’s time.  What’s great is we’ve been seeing dramatic results within a few months time instead!

So if you’ve been thinking about updating your business site drop us a note.  We can’t have the Airstream remain quiet for long you know, busy is much better!  Oh, and a new site right now would have you ready just in time for the holidays!

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