23 degrees at the Airstream

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Fall in Sedona

Fall in Sedona

Fortunately it isn’t 23 degrees in the Airstream!

Yes, last night we hit the coldest temperature yet since we’ve returned to the Prescott area!  And this morning leaves are falling all over the place.  The tree near the Airstream is providing a pitter patter sound much like falling rain, but it’s leaves instead.  Fall?  More like a winter cold snap!

Full time Airstream living brings you through all of the seasons in a different way.  If you’re smart you stay ahead of the seasons by relocating your rolling domicile.  If you’re a little thick, like me, you find yourself at high elevations with chilly temperatures!  Fortunately it’s toasty warm inside the Airstream (well mostly).  The only issue I find every year when the temperature drops, I’m cold from my knees downs.  The floor really radiates the cold in, no matter how high I turn the heater!

This morning I find myself thinking about the park we stayed in down in Black Canyon City.  Hot tub, heated pool, warmer temperatures……..I think I’m getting soft!  Must be me getting older, or spoiled by the fact that I can relocate my Airstream home easily, and to warmer climates.

So here we are, in Fall or maybe even early Winter.  The Airstream is still in Prescott, but not for long.  We’ll stay here through the end of the month, and then I believe I’ll be pointing the trailer South.  I’m thinking about a few National Monuments in Southern Arizona for December.  You know, celebrate Christmas in shorts……?  Ah those are the fun photos to send to family and friends while they’re snow bound in New England.

Oak Creek Canyon in the fall

Oak Creek Canyon in the fall

For the moment though, for those of you back there, we’re experiencing a similar cold snap to what you’re enduring.  That means I’m not running around in shorts, and my tan is fading quickly.  Keep warm thoughts everyone!  And I’ll try to start posting warmer pictures next month!


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  1. Gorgeous pix, Rich! Glad to hear you’re staying warm! I can definitely relate to your “knees down cold in the Airstream” comment 🙂

    Not sure if good ‘ol Verizon is gonna allow me to get this out to you at something other than dial-up speed. Won’t know until I try. Appreciated your thoughts on Net Neutrality a couple blogs ago and agree wholeheartedly. Love to get your thoughts on bandwidth throttling as I am currently a victim and any suggestions about what I can do about it.

    How-do to Jodi. Hope you guys are both well!

    all best,
    Bob Pratt (and Sparky, who says, “Arf!”)

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