Projects winding down at the Airstream

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This week we’ll be wrapping up two projects.  And while that’s a good thing, and our clients are all happy with their final products, I’m always looking ahead.  The tail end of November and all of December shows free time on the calendar right now.  Time to hit a few more National Monuments for is a great thing.  But I always like to keep a busy schedule.

With that in mind, if your business or someone else’s business you know of needs to improve their web presence, let us know!  With some free time ahead of us it would be great to schedule another web build or two!  Better yet, maybe you’re in Southern AZ or NM!  Things are getting chilly in Prescott you know!

In January we have a client lined up that will occupy the entire month.  That’s why I’m focusing on the next month and a half.

A cold wind is blowing

The temperatures have definitely started dropping.  Every night the Airstream heater is turned on.  The heated water hose has been connected to power as we’ve had a few nights below freezing.  And the shower is a little colder when you get out of it.  Getting out of bed and having me feet hit the cold floor always makes me “wake up” instantly!  My mind keeps going back to Black Canyon City, and the park that had the heated pool and hot tub.  I must be going soft!

The big plus to the temperature drop has to be the great hiking weather.  In between work I find the time to take longer walks.  Sit at the computer for an hour, take a 20 minute walk.  Wrap up for the day, take an hour walk.  Enjoy the cooler temperatures for outdoor activities for the moment, and prepare for even colder weather soon.  That’s what is in my head.

The cooler temperatures have also reminded me that Thanksgiving is almost here (and Christmas close behind).  It is so much easier to cook in a cool Airstream, so that’s a big plus.  Pies have already been made, homemade pizzas have been a regular feature here, and I’m starting to think about what to make for Thanksgiving this year.  All great stuff.

For my family and friends back in New England….  I’ll try to keep a regular supply of warm looking photos on hand for you.  And if possible, we’ll roll out to a warmer location in December!

Well, that’s it for today.  Time to start into the finishing touches for our clients!

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