PAZ Podcast Episode 2 – HDR Start to Finish

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Today’s “Photographing Arizona Podcast” takes you through my personal HDR process.  In order to show you everything in the process I decided to take a little ride yesterday……

Flagstaff Arizona was the location for a fun little shoot.  Of course, I had to work around a few monsoonal downpours which chose to concentrate directly above downtown Flagstaff and nowhere else.  🙂  Go figure!

This podcast quickly gives you a look at Flagstaff, shows you how I set up bracketing for HDR, and then goes through the processing of an image I decided to make into an HDR.  This is not the end all be all video tutorial on creating HDR images.  I’d suggest a visit to Ben Wilmore’s site if you’re interested in a full length DVD on HDR Mastery.  He’s got a great set of lessons on the process.  I think this podcast will show you enough to get you more interested in HDR if you haven’t already started toying with it!

One more podcast will be out this week on the upcoming Worldwide Photo Walk here in Prescott Arizona.  Then we’ll be taking some time off from the podcasting.  What that means really is I’ll be disappearing for a little while to take a trip to Lake Powell.  Should be some interesting images waiting for me up there!

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