A few updates from the Airstream

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Sample HDR from the Photographing Arizona Podcast

Wow, 2 podcasts in one week.  And yes, I know, still not as clean as the Digital RV Podcast.  Give me a little time, I’m rusty.

So, beyond playing with videos and tutorials again, what else is going on around the “silver twinkie” (that’s code for Airstream)?  Here’s what’s going on this week.

  • July 18th is the Prescott Arizona segment of the World Wide Photowalk!  Looking forward to seeing folks I met last year, and to meeting new photo walkers as well.  Should be fun.  We’ll be setting off at 7:00 a.m.  Glad I decided on an early time, it’s getting warm here in Prescott.
  • Photo Walk Map:  I’ll be posting the walk map online this week and sending out an e-mail to participants for a final update on the walk.  Folks participating, you’ll see an e-mail soon.
  • Photo Walk Podcast:  After doing a little soul searching and video processing I decided not to pop another podcast up this week on the photo walk.  I’ll most likely post one next week after the event is wrapped up.  It’s going to be a busy week here.
  • Stacking canvas high……. This weekend I got another large round of print requests from clients.  Yesterday saw the Z3100 running for the whole afternoon.  I’m glad to say my customers are happy with their canvas prints, they’re selling their prints, and they’re pushing more work in my direction.  Thanks all!  🙂
  • 2 weeks until Ian’s Show:  4th Friday Artwalk will feature a new series of original paintings by my business partner, Ian Russell.  He’s bringing in a series of new water colors, and several new oils.  Yup, Ian seems to be shifting gears to oil and moving away from water color.  For his long time fans, pop by to see what could be his last original water colors while you can!  July 24th……
  • Gallery Wrap Clearance is Over! Yup, the big discounts Ian and I were running last month are over now.  We’ve made room in the gallery for new prints, and prices are back to normal (which is still more affordable than most other galleries I’ve been in).  New prints are on the way, so be sure to stop by and see what’s new at the Ian Russell Gallery.

    A Flagstaff alleyway

  • Taking podcast requests:  Ok all, here’s where you could get to see what you want to see.  If you’ve got a tutorial you want to see, a location you want to see, etc., make your requests whenever you like.  E-mail, comments, smoke signals……if I get the request and it falls under the broad umbrella of “Photographing Arizona”.  I will not be doing a podcast of my continuing struggle with my Sonicare toothbrush.  Nobody needs to see that, and I know a few wise apples out there want to see it……  🙂
  • B&W Contest almost over:  Don’t forget the Black & White Photo Contest here at the Airstream Chronicles.  You’ve got a few more days to enter.
  • Ideas for the next contest:  So, what would everyone like to do for the next contest?  Remember, the prize in each for the time being is a 16×24 canvas gallery wrap for the winner of the winning photo.  That’s pretty significant!  So, pass along your contest ideas!

Ok, there’s my updates for this week.  Now I’m off to an appointment, laundry, and then some shopping…..

For regular followers, you know what laundry means.  Somewhere in the rocks the mountain lion will be showing up.  But I’ll be ready.  The camera will be in the laundry basket at the ready…….no mountain lion will keep fooling me!

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