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The final update before the 2009 Worldwide Photo Walk in Prescott

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Ah, just days away from the photo walk now.  Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. we’ll be meeting up at the Sharlot Hall Museum.

So, what could possibly go into a final update?  Plenty.  A few photo walk tips, a reminder, and a “soft copy” of the map I’ve put together for the walk.  No worries about printing the map, I’ve already printed one for each attendee and I’ll be handing them out Saturday morning……

Click here to download the PDF map file

Alright!  With the map out of the way, what else should we say about the photo walk?  Well, here’s a few tips from what I learned last year…….

  • Even though it’s Prescott and not the Valley, it still gets hot here.  We’ll be starting at 7:00 a.m. for a reason.  The heat!  Bring water for the walk.  We’ll be out for at least two hours and in that time you will be thirsty.
  • Restrooms at the Sharlot Hall Museum will be closed at the time we arrive.  There are public restrooms at the Yavapai Courthouse Plaza, a few blocks from where we’re starting.  You might think this is a non-issue for the start of the walk, but believe me, there were a great many disappointed people at Sharlot Hall last year!  🙂
  • By the time we reach Whiskey Row, downtown Prescott will already be busy.  If you’re looking for that “car free” shot of the row I suggest you stop by there around 6:00 a.m.  Then you can come meet the group at 7.  The Row looks pretty cool without cars, so if you’d like a shot of it vacant, go early, shoot a lot!
  • 50 people is a LARGE group.  Don’t worry if you loose track of the group.  We’re all in the same general area, and there’s absolutely no reason to hurry up and catch up.  If you’ve got something you’re interested in shooting and the group is moving on, you can catch up.  You can’t miss a pack of photographers moving in mass!
  • Pick a lens or two for the walk.  Don’t bring an arsenal of lenses that you keep having to change.  That’s something I do, and I usually end up sticking with lens #1, so carrying the extra lenses is just my way of working out apparently!
  • TRIPODS:  I’m a huge fan of tripods.  Tack sharp photos go with tripods.  But shooting with 50 other folks and being on the move doesn’t make using a tripod very easy.  You might want to consider a monopod or just going handheld.  You can always pop the ISO up a bit for lower light and deal with the noise afterward.  Personally, no tripod or monopod for me this walk.  Oh, and you’re welcome to bring your tripod, just wanted to share what I saw as “difficult” for folks last year.
  • Network!  This is a unique event to be sure.  There will be many other photographers on the walk, all interested in the same thing you’re interested in.  Photography.  If you’ve got a business card, bring it.  You never know!
  • Socialize!  Last year’s walk was great.  People who had never met seemed to break off into groups and shoot together.  And some of the photos that came out of these groups were way too fun!  So, meet and greet, see what other folks are shooting, and get in on the act!
  • Do a little research before you come here to shoot.  Check out Scott Kelby’s winners from last year.  I’ll tell you what, I think that we had some photos that were of the same calibur!  Seriously.  And have you seen the prizes this year???  The 10 runners up get some amazing loot, and the global winner?  Ah, they get a new camera setup and software that will blow your mind!  Seriously, take a look through all the links!
  • Now that I’ve wound you up about all the cool prizes……Make sure to enjoy yourself.  This is much a contest as it is a social event.  This is my second year doing this, I have no opportunity to win the prizes (walk leaders are excluded) and I’m very excited.  I met many great photographers and people last year.  New friendships developed out of it, and that was well worth the time planning, walking, and sorting photos!
  • Shoot as long as you like!  Officially, we’ll be doing the photo walk from 7 – 9 a.m.  If you’d like to shoot longer in the downtown area, that’s all fine.  Photos can be entered from the day of the walk only, but they’re not restricted to the time frame I’ve setup.  Want to spend the day in Prescott shooting?  Go for it!  Can’t wait to see what you submit!

Well, there’s my short list.  A few other wrap up thoughts that don’t really hit a list…….

The Photo Walk folks suggest meeting up after the walk is wrapped up so people can share images, talk for a while, have a little coffee, etc.  Well, that’s all good if you’ve got a huge cafe somewhere.  I’ve checked with cafes in the area, and eyes glaze over when I ask about bringing 53 people in.  So, I put 4 different cafes on the map.  We’ll wrap up the walk in front of the Yavapai Courthouse, Gurley Street side, at 9:00 a.m. (give or take 15 minutes).  Folks can then group off to one of the 4 cafes I listed if they like.  The Raven is great, Cuppers is very cool with indoor and outdoor seating, same for the Wild Iris, and for Pangea as well.  Personally I’ll be heading to Pangea as it’s right next to my gallery and print studio.  I have to work after the walk is done.  Several clients coming in to pick up their prints.  You’re all welcome to stop by and pay a visit as well.

That’s it!  I’ll see everybody Saturday morning!!!

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