Photographing Arizona Podcast Episode 1: Introducing the podcast

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Ok, here we go.  For the time being I’m keeping the name of the overall blog the same.  Thanks for those who responded yesterday via comment and through private e-mails.  Keeping the name won out.  So, I will.

Now, let’s talk podcast.  Episode One is rough, but I think it will help you understand what I’ll be up to with future podcasts.  #2, which is already being edited, will be less rough.  Had to dig out my old podcast templates.  And they were stored away on a portable drive that’s been archived for a while.  Had to do a little searching to find it.

I forgot how much work podcasts are……guess I’m glad that the plan is only to produce 2 per month…..  🙂

So episode one is pretty simple.  Introducing the Photographing Arizona Podacst (PAZ).  It’s me hanging out in my backyard telling you what we’ll be doing with the podcast.  It’s also me trying to be heard over the winds which seem to be ever present in the high desert.  Still, I think you’ll be able to hear me over the breeze.

What’s coming in Episode 2?  How about a start to finish HDR shoot.  You’ll go on location, take the shots, return to the Airstream, and go through my post processing start to finish.  When will it be up?  Probably within the week.

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  1. Moi?


    Are you SURE you want to do that? (you KNOW how I get in front of a captive audience or any time someone hands me a mic 😉 ) Actually, I’d be honored! And already have some rough sketches in my head…

    Now, if I can just figure out how to edit videos…

  2. Great podcast! I’ll be visiting again. The zoom in on your stills added some motion (even if unintentional). It made the water shimmer. Cool!

  3. Haha, nice job on the podcast, but good luck getting me in front of a camera… I work behind the camera not in front of it. You’ll definitely have to get a couple drinks in me first.

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