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The first gadget I can’t quite figure out

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toothbrush-1When it comes to new tech tools, I usually figure out the gizmos in a matter of minutes.  Normally fun devices are pretty straightforward, and getting the most out of them isn’t to hard.  But last night I ran into a snag with my newest tech device……

My dentist has been recommending a Sonicare for a while now.  A better brushing experience.  And hey, they thing looks cool.  A powered toothbrush, multiple controls at one touch.  Just my thing, right?


So last night before bed I popped some toothpaste on my new tooth brush, hit the power, and started to brush……and that’s when it happened.  I burst out laughing with a mouth full of foam.  I’m ticklish.  Seriously, very ticklish at times.  And you know what this Sonicare does for me?  Totally tickles the inside of my mouth.

Toothpaste was all over my mirror, sink, etc.  I tried again, and tried to keep my mouth tight as I used the Sonicare.  It tickled my gums and lips again, more toothpaste all over my shirt.

In the end, my better brushing experience left me cleaning up the sink and mirror for a while.

Even at the dentist, when they break out that cool cleaner that spins really fast tickles me too.  I squirm in the chair, try not to laugh, and avoid biting the hygenist.  But I’m usually giggling and snickering because that crazy thing tickles so much.

Hopefully I’ll adjust to my latest piece of tech.  For the moment I’m dreading brushing after my decaf.  I don’t feel like cleaning off the mirror again, getting toothpaste all over me, and giggling like a maniac.  I can tell you one thing….for the time being I’ll be brushing with my shirt off!

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  1. There you go, wooing all the ladies as they envision you brushing your teeth – shirtless. Of course, the whole giggling like a school girl as you do it might make the whole thing slightly less masculine… 🙂

  2. Post

    Let’s not forget….shirtless, covered in toothpaste foam, and clearly not getting my teeth clean. Yeah, that should really work on the ladies well Tombo…….

  3. Honestly…brush in the shower, or I could make you a waterproof bib? With a hood? And a splash guard? 😉

    I never would have been so over the moon about my Sonicare if I would have known it would cause you so much grief…at least your walls are clean and plaque free! And I am still just grief-stricken that we didn’t think to film you using this for the first time…I’m sure everyone would LOVE to see that now that you’re doing more video on the blog…

  4. I think that’s the exact model I have. You’ll find that it’s one of your best friends. It took me a while to get used to it and it felt really weird at first. But now I LOVE THAT BRUSH. Well, I’m addicted to finding the perfect brush and also the perfect bag to carry around my crap.

  5. My dentist gave me this same toothbrush during my last visit a few weeks ago! Same thing happened when I first used it, but have adjusted and now I love it.

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