Photographing Arizona Podcast Episode 15: Poverty Flat to White Pocket Arizona

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Recently I took a second trip into White Pocket.  Just an overnight trip, but it offered more time to really get to see the area.  The first trip in was way too rushed.  This time around we really got to take our time.

My old friend from college years, Tom, was in the area as he’s got a contract going on out here.  He suggested popping by last weekend and doing something.  I knew exactly what we should do!  Road trip to White Pocket.

This podcast basically covers the trip into White Pocket from Poverty Flat.  Some driving, some talking about the place, and a wrap up from a very windy, very chilly White Pocket.  Hope you enjoy!


The next installment of PAZ Podcast will have the most shocking video yet.  A tired, bleary host will go on camera at an unimaginable hour with puffy eyes and a headlamp on!  Don’t miss that one, it’ll give you a lot to pick on me about down the road!

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  1. Ed Brenizer should be ashamed of himself…so tacky and just a crying shame. The rest of the show was quite cool though – very nice views and scenery…I like how you did the keyboard entry of the text. Definitely need to make the time to head out and git-r-done with you and Tom!

  2. Post

    Totally on board with you Jason! It was a shame to see all the carvings in a cool rock formation. Tells you the place is getting visited to be sure, and some visitors apparently have chisels!

    Pretty soon I’m going to be focusing on some locations in Utah, and SW Colorado. I really need to revisit Hovenweep again. What a fantastic place that is!

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