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Photographing Arizona Podcast Episode 19: Post Processing from The Grand Staircase

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Ah, we’ll see if the podcasts really resume.  Today at least there’s a new one from my recent trip to the Grand Staircase.  With luck and time I’ll be putting a series of new podcasts up covering photography, post processing, HDR, and a few other fun things!


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  1. Nice job, Not every image needs to be an HDR. I liked the podcast, good info, not to long, nice pace.

  2. keep the podcasts coming. I learned a lot, since I don’t really do much editing and I’m not a professional.

  3. Thanks for the “walk through” on photo processing. Now I will have to see if there are similar podcasts from the past that I should review.

  4. Neat tutorial – granted I am partial to the videos you record of yoourself with the Staircase in the background and it’s more “in the field” content, but useful nonetheless! Hope all is well! 🙂

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