Photographing Arizona Podcast Episode 5: Talking about the Spot Messenger and Lowe’s Dry Zone Camera Pack

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Ah, the latest episode of Photographing Arizona is here!  Did you think the topic would be different?  Yeah, so did I.

This installment of the podcast covers two pieces of gear that I’ve come to appreciate rather quickly.  The first one, the Spot Messenger, is an amazing little device that utilizes the satellite system to send out very simple messages to friends and family when you’re “really out there.”

The other item for this podcast is the Dry Zone bag from Lowe Pro.  I received this as a gift last year, and I haven’t used it all that much.  But my trip to Lake Powell made the pack necessary in a big way.  Waterproof camera compartment, back pack  styling, a water bladder……Oh yeah, it was extremely useful to this photographer.

So, sit back and enjoy the show.  Sorry to say, I’m in front of the camera for the duration of this episode.  Believe me, I’m trying to recruit someone to be the face of Photographing Arizona, and until I find the right person you’re stuck with me!  🙂

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  1. Hey Rich,

    Not sure why you were blase about being in front of the camera – good video, and making me want to get one of those spot me gadgets! Can’t wait for the next one now! 🙂

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