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Photoshop CS5 Upgrade Tragedy….Looks like I’m sticking with what I’ve got

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Well gang, I’m here to tell you that I’m disappointed right now. I just uninstalled the Photoshop CS5 demo on the computer here at the gallery. And I’m bumming……Disappointed with myself, with Adobe, and with the universe in general right now.

What went wrong?

Well, today I made the decision to pull the trigger and officially update to Photoshop CS5.  The business account could handle the expenditure for the upgrade and it makes sense given what I do for a living.  I went to the online Adobe store, punched in all the relevant data, etc, etc.  And I got my license key.  Popped the key into the Photoshop CS5 registration pane and then it complained.  It couldn’t find a prior version to upgrade from……

Huh?  I’ve got so much Adobe stuff on my drive I can’t believe it can’t find the upgrade path……..?

Well, I called Adobe support and learned what had happened.  And what happened was this……I bought a whole Creative Suite Package previously.  You know, the big dollar purchase?  Yeah, that’s the one.

Turns out, I can’t upgrade to Photoshop CS5 alone.  Nope, I’d have to upgrade the entire suite.  Or pay full price for Photoshop CS5.  Those are my options according to the support person who I talked to.  So……I’m out of luck for the moment.  I’m not upgrading the whole suite, I don’t need it.  And I’m unwilling to pay full price for Photoshop CS5 no matter how cool I think it is.  In the past few years I’ve paid full price for a full Creative Suite, Lightroom, and several other Adobe Products.  In the past decade I’ve spent a few thousand with Adobe between Windows and Macintosh platorms.  Being forced to upgrade the entire suite just isn’t making me smile at all.

So, while I dig everything in Photoshop CS5 I’ll have to pass.  I’ll upgrade to Lightroom 3 of course, and that’ll be that.

My fault in this?  Guess I didn’t read closely enough to understand that I had to upgrade the whole suite.  And that’s my bad………Adobe’s bad in the process?  None, I guess I’m just an ill informed consumer.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you’ve been trapped by the sheer stupidity of the Adobe upgrade rules. I stopped upgrading years ago and found that other apps do all I need at far lower prices. For you Lightroom plus plug-ins will probably suffice (for me it is Aperture plus plug-ins).

  2. This is exactly why I will likely never buy a limits the upgrade path because there is no “downgrade” route. In all honestly, I will likely never use more than Photoshop and possibly InDesign, and even then seldomly. But the economic forces also tilt my hand anyway, so c’est la vie…

    Hopefully you got a refund or credit back on the card.
    .-= Jason´s last blog ..Putting Your Best Photo Forward =-.

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    Mike, you’re right on the stupidity of their rules. It’s boggling. I’ve spent a lot of money over the past 8 years (when I bought my first full suite) with Adobe. Glad I can at least upgrade to Lightroom 3, sad to say CS5 is now a luxury not a necessity.

    Jason, I will be getting a refund in a few days. The guy I spoke with had me do a refund request on the website. For some reason he couldn’t do it over the phone for me (odd but true). So we’ll see……

  4. That’s BS in my opinion. You should be able to upgrade a portion of it if you wish. I don’t get that, but it’s good to know. sorry it was at your expense tho.
    .-= Evan Gearing´s last blog ..Fire Trucks? =-.

  5. Rich, if you happen to have a cs2 license for only photoshop you could upgrade that. Otherwise we may all have to take up a collection.

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    All my Adobe stuff has been in the Suites. No stand alone licenses for Photoshop.

    Guess I’ll start passing the hat around….. 🙂 While we’re at it, I really need a vacation. Bigger hat? 😉

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