Pop Rocket’s Cover…..

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otherside-1I totally blanked on writing about this.  It took a link from Tombo’s blog to remind me.  Yes, senile young lad indeed (me, not Tombo).

This month one of my shots from Vulture, AZ. was featured on the cover of Pop Rocket (not the photo in this post, thought I’d vary things).  If you’re asking how that happened, I couldn’t tell you.  They asked me the other month about doing a little feature on my photography and I said sure. We also talked about the gallery, printing, cool ghost towns, and more……

Gee, you think I would have shared this sooner.  Guess that’s what I get for hitting the ground running (or printing) when I got home.  Canvas, tiles, water color reproductions…..it’s been a busy two days and looks like an extremely busy week!

Apparently I’ve got to autograph something for Tombo now……  😉

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