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As the world turns…..

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Clocks change. Well, most clocks change……

Arizona is a “unique” state. New Hampshire was unique too. “Live Free or Die.” That was my old state’s motto. Arizona doesn’t have a cool or defiant motto, but it is still a “defiant” state. See, we don’t play those daylight savings time games here.

What’s that mean? I’m now on Pacific Time. During the winter I’m on Mountain time. So, for friends and family spread all over the country I have the following to offer you…..

If you’re on the East Coast I’m now 3 hours behind you.

Central Time Zone friends are now 2 hours ahead of me.

Mountain Time Zone folks are now one hour ahead.

And those on Pacific time now share the same number on their clock as is displayed on mine!

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  1. Yeah… but what if I find myself in Japan and I’m a day ahead of you. What time is it then?

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