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The other title I was thinking of was, “It sucks to assist Rich with photo shoots.”  Anyone who has watched me work, or seen me getting ready with lighting assistants knows one thing…..  I shove lighting assistants into scenes all the time to test.  So, you can’t be self conscious or afraid to get in front of the camera if you’re around me.

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Just a quick test shot with the AZ sun getting into the scene. Popup flash used instead of off camera just for a quick test. While I HATE popup flash, it was a decent test.

As I’m getting ready to head out this afternoon to do a commercial shoot I’m checking through all of the gear.  Outdoor session today, but there will be a little work that looks like it’s done indoors.  Ah, the fun of shooting without a studio.  How can I make it look like an indoor session took place as well?

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Not edited yet. Messing with the exposure settings. The sun is behind the scrim, and once again Popup flash was used.

I do have to say, not having the studio overhead any longer is a good thing.  Overhead is expensive.  But the tradeoff is that everything I do is now 100% location work.  And there are times when I don’t want it to look like location work.  Fortunately I’m geared for almost any situation.

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It’s not a full seamless white setup! Instead I just put up my Lastolite TriGrip with the sun right behind it. Talk about blasting white!

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Yes, I was tearing through the Pelican lighting gear case this morning….Again. I tore through it yesterday too.


The Airstream photo lab! Sweet!

Every time I head out to shoot you’ll find me messing about with gear, and setups 2 days beforehand.  It’s part of what I do.  Off the cuff point and shoot doesn’t cut it.  Not at all.  For me, a plan needs to be at hand well in advance of working with clients.  My backup gear has backup gear.  So, I’m now satisfied we’re set for the day!

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