Busy weeks ahead

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Today starts the actual location time for a project I’ll be working on over the next few weeks.  Over this course of this week we’ve been making calls, setting appointments, and figuring out locations.  Now that the easy stuff is over…….today starts the main work on a large project.

The Airstream is parked outside of the greater Phoenix area.  It actually was a little difficult finding a convenient spot.  One issue, I’m not 55.  There are a ton of 55+ parks in the Phoenix area.  I’m too young, too rowdy, a real trouble maker in whatever park I go to….  Oh wait, not true.  I’m way quieter than most park residents.  Hrrrrmmm.  Ah well, still too young.

While we’re not parked right in Phoenix we’ve still made the commute much easier.  Normally it’s an hour and 45 minutes from Prescott into the valley.  Now it’s only 45 minutes.  That will save some gas!

The blog might be a little quieter, but postings will still happen.  First priority over the next few weeks is this contract.  Happy clients make for good days.

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